We offer a service of workpiece bending using two Trumpf press brakes. Our machines include three models of press brakes.
TrumpfTruBend 3100 is a machine characterised by high precision and repeatability.

TruBend 3120 machine is characterised by high processing speed which translates into a low unit of a workpiece. In addition, thanks to this machine, we are capable of preforming segmental and radial bends as well as folds.

The third TruBend 7036 machine, due to high speed and acceleration of the pressure beam and the backgauge, is one of the fastest press brakes in the world. It owes its speed to electric gearless axle drive. It has a multi-functional bumper fingers set independently of each other and the line laser which marks the bend lines on the surface of the workpiece. With these improvements, we are capable of serially and repeatedly diagonally bend elements of various shapes. We guarantee the highest quality elements in any number of units.

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TRUMPF TruBend 3120

Technical data:

  • pressure of 122 tons,
  • bending edge length 3110 mm,
  • bending of sheets with a thickness of 0.5 up to 12 mm,
  • automatic compensation of deflection of the lower beam.

TRUMPF TruBend 3100

Technical data:

  • pressure of 102 tons,
  • bending edge length 3060 mm,
  • high feed speed 200 mm/s,
  • maximum working speed 15 mm/s.

TRUMPF TruBend 7036

Technical data:

  • pressure of 36 tons,
  • bending edge length 1020 mm,
  • high feed speed 220 mm/s,
  • maximum working speed 10-25 mm/s.